Published Friday, 21st April 2023
Buffalo 1
  • Aircraft discovery
  • Deal brokerage
  • Pre-purchase checks
  • Ongoing MRO support

Caerdav’s consultancy services showcase our team’s expertise and experience across a wide range of disciplines in the aviation industry – a prime example being our work with Buffalo Airways and their hunt for a Boeing 737.

The Canadian airline, which specialises in cargo transportation, operates a fleet of World War Two-era Douglas DC-3s, C-46 Curtiss Commandos and a variety of other turboprop aircraft. Owing to increased customer demand, the business was looking to expand its operations with its first jet-powered freighter.

The company needed a reliable and cost-effective aircraft in order to maximise payload capacity. Setting its sights on purchasing a Boeing 737-300F, they called on Caerdav for support.

Utilising our Consultancy service, Buffalo Airways gained access to our team’s extensive list of industry contacts and unrivalled experience. We were able to help them to source a suitable aircraft and then broker a competitive deal for its purchase.

Mikey McBryan, Buffalo Airways’ General Manager: “When I was ready to pull the trigger to buy a 737 Freighter, I called Caerdav. Their team found the aircraft — which is a perfect fit for us — and brokered the deal for me.”

From there, we assisted Buffalo Airways with the pre-buy inspection of the aircraft, providing a detailed report on its condition, as well as highlighting any potential issues that would need to be addressed before the sale was finalised.

After completing final maintenance checks at the aircraft owner's base in Bournemouth, UK, the aircraft is now due to be liveried and delivered to Buffalo.

As part of our ongoing services, we are also looking to provide MRO support to Buffalo Airways once the new aircraft goes into service.

At Caerdav, we are committed to helping companies like Buffalo Airways achieve their goals. Contact our team today to discuss how we can help your business.

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