If you’ve ever dreamed of flying a Boeing 747, our sim experience is the ultimate adrenaline rush. Using the exact same training equipment used by professional pilots – including Bruce Dickinson – get the closest thing to flying the Queen of the Skies without leaving the ground.

Ultimate realism

Our simulators are exactly what real pilot use to train – which means they have ultra-realistic displays and full motion that feels just like being there.

The trainee pilot experience

You’ll be joined on your flight with one of our highly skilled instructors, who deliver our world-class pilot training. You’ll be able to ask them anything about flying the B747, and if you’re bitten by the bug, how to start a career as a pilot.

Challenge accepted

Once you’ve got to grips with basic flight, you’ll then get to experience the most important part of any pilot’s duties – landing! You can then try flying in a variety of adverse conditions to truly test your skills in safety.

Mission accomplished

At the end of your session, you’ll get photos with your instructor to commemorate your day.



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